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Fan Appreciation


Please click on "contact us" below, and tell us what you think about our documentaries. We are planning on reading a couple of testimonials at the end of each episode in the future.  So, if you watch our show, and attended the same convention, we would like to hear from you! Thank you for watching!  -  producer


1.) You guys snagged some killer interviews here, especially from the artists. I'm looking forward to seeing more!  -Brett Kelley

2.) Dear Leo Marinak and Joe Bowman -I want to thank the great team at Mari-Bow Productions for the coverage they did at ComiCONN 2012! Having just watched the finished product on their site the show looked amazing – the sound, editing and Leo’s love for comics and the fans came across.  I look forward to seeing more from this talented group and definitely can’t wait to see them at the next ComiCONN, in Trumbull,CT on August 2013 and for years to come. BRAVO! - Mitchell A Hallock


4.) "Con-Men...I like the sound of that." - Kevin Sorbo  a.k.a. Hercules